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Risk Assured consistently gets the best possible outcome for our clients with minimal intrusion.

The calculation of life insurance premiums can be complicated as lifestyle and health can influence life expectancy.

Insurance companies often make different assessments of the same individual based on their own specific underwriting philosophies. This translates into different premiums for the same risk. Across the market less than 1 in 3 high-value cases receive the quoted premium. For high-value life insurance policies, these differences can amount to thousands of pounds per year in extra premiums.

Owing to inefficiencies in the standard application process, brokers and IFAs are usually limited to applying to a single insurer. If the desired outcome is not achieved, the process will have to be repeated, with no guarantee that the original outcome will be improved upon. This leads to a large proportion of high-value cases not proceeding.

Risk Assured reverse-engineers the standard approach. We have an in-house underwriting team who collate and analyse the data, package it intelligently for insurers and reinsurers, and then negotiate terms across the entire insurance market. With multiple insurance companies offering cover, this process substantially improves the outcome and minimises the intrusion.

The Risk Assured Process

Everything we do stems from an understanding of clients’ unique requirements, busy lifestyles and high expectations. Each client embarks on a bespoke journey and our aim is to make the process as simple as possible while securing the best terms.


We will work with each client to establish their need for cover and present a range of possible solutions for consideration.


Risk Assured takes control of the medical and financial underwriting, collating and analysing data in-house. We will usually require a client to attend a private medical examination which can be arranged at their convenience.


We intelligently package a clients medical and financial information and broker across the entire market to negotiate the best terms for the client.


Working with a client's professional advisers, we structure the policy to meet the clients needs including settling the policy in trust.


We will pre-complete the insurers application form and provide a personal recommendation to the client. On the clients instruction cover is commenced.


We will write to our clients on an annual basis setting out details of their policy. We will review any changes that may affect a clients need for cover. We will also periodically review the competitiveness of the policy premiums against the current market.

The standard implementation process

Client with broker
Client with insurer
Engage with client
Complete application with cheapest insurer
Undertake insurer medical
Terms offered by insurer
Process repeated if terms are not optimal
Policy on risk
This inefficient process can involve a long and frustrating journey, potentially requiring several medicals and multiple application forms.

Why Risk Assured is different

Engage with client
Collect key info
Undertake private medical
Broker across multiple insurers
Complete application
Policy on risk

Risk Assured offers a superior client experience:

  • Optimal terms and best premium achieved from the whole of market
  • Minimal client involvement
  • A single medical examination, undertaken at the client’s convenience
  • Significantly reduced timeframes
Risk Assured are unique in that they have unrivalled expertise in placing ultra high value cases on risk – that’s what sets them apart from their competitors. They ensure that medical issues are handled with minimum inconvenience and stress.
Jane Shaw - Director, Pannone
You just can’t send a multi-millionaire off to an insurance broker who wants them to attend a medical at a grotty building in Croydon at a time not of their choosing. Risk Assured aren’t phased by big numbers, even by very big numbers. The industry typically gets scared when the amount of cover rises above a million. They have a remarkable ability to place cover for people who don’t live in the UK – especially those living in countries where a lot of insurers are seriously put off.
Andrew Goldstone - Head of Tax and Wealth Planning, Mishcon de Reya
I never have any hesitation to refer a client to the Risk Assured team. I have complete confidence that their proactive and responsive approach always delivers a premium client service which aligns to how we work with our clients. In my working with Risk Assured, they have secured some amazing results for our clients and provided incredible value. They are practical and pragmatic in their approach, and always honest with clients from the outset.
Nimesh Shah - CEO, Blick Rothenberg
Risk Assured advised me on the purchase of two critical illness policies. Unfortunately, days after their implementation I discovered that I had contracted an illness and needed to claim on them. The team at Risk Assured were very professional in helping me handle the claim and dealt directly with the insurers on my behalf. The claims were settled promptly and with minimum involvement on my part, thus allowing me to focus on recovering from my illness. The team come highly recommended.
Martin Brebner - Co-Founder & Director - Wentworth Homes
I can’t rate them more highly. Being a smaller organisation, both more personal and more motivated, allows them to get things done when others can’t.
Harry Talbot Rice - Former Head of Global Equities, Sarasin and Partners
I have worked with Risk Assured for many years now across a variety of Private Banking roles. They have achieved consistently good outcomes for our Clients and come highly recommended.
Ken Chapman - Head of Wealth Planning, EFG Private Bank
They helped me get ready for my application just like you get a car ready for its MOT. I wanted to make sure that if anything should happen to me, there’d be no fire sales of businesses that I’ve worked very, very hard to build up.
Ben White - Former Partner, Notion Capital

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